Tuesday, April 2, 2013

ShutoCon Is This Weekend!!!!

Its about that time again! Updates for another con~ woo!
Next weekend is Shutocon in Lansing Michigan and will be my first time going.
I really look forward to attending this con because its a much smaller con but I want to help it become better/bigger any way I can by participating. I want it to become Michigans' Momocon; in a sense.

I didn't PLAN on making any difficult cosplays for this..but then I kind of did...
I said I was going to cosplay Rainy Devil from Bakemonogatari because I felt it would be easy and comfy enough to wear at a smaller convention.

However, the shoes have taken me 4 days of work. (Not consistent since I work most of the say) But I am now finished with the shoes. The paw took me maybe a whole evening to make (excluding painting) and the rest is all bought. Tomorrow I will be working on the light-up eyes for the mask. 

Here are some progress photos~

(also the wig was just for fun but I may use it for normal Kanbaru later)
 I may actually get a new Kanbaru wig because this one was pretty cheap and messed up.
When i got it, there was a huge chunk of weft falling out but I sewed it back in.

Its all good now!!

I didnt get a picture of my shoes before they were painted but they were originally black and silver. I painted them and covered parts in foamies. I really like them but hope they dont fall apart during the con

(midway progress)

(all finished!)

I look forward to seeing all my friends at the con as well.
I hope I have time to do some shoots for my other cosplays too!
Here is my schedule!

I hope everyone had a good Easter as well. I have so much candy; im pretty sure it'll last me till Halloween haha. I got to decorate cookies with my Grandma and Aunt. I thought mine were pretty freakin kawaii 


I also got my photos back from my Kobato shoot back in October~
Most of them are on my Deviantart so please check them out!

I would also like to say shout outs to my friend Kora back at home! She sent me a pretty awesome Super Sonico care package which I almost cried over. My Super Sonico collection has become very dear to me since my friends contribute so much! Thank you so much everyone, really. I cant thank you enough <333

Thank you all for reading! Hope to see some of you at SHOTACON!

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