Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Back From Youmacon

Sorry this entry is so many weeks after Youmacon~
Ive been pretty busy as of late but I finally have sometime to make a post!

I had a blast at Youmacon this year and actually got to see almost all of my friends
There was a whole thing about having to wear wristbands in order to use the elevator (and only 4 per room which is the usual room cap). It was a little stressful at first but we were able to manage with a few secrets~

Even though the wristbands were a big surprise, I still had lots of fun!
On friday I wore Hatate but I didnt get that many photos taken or even make it to the photoshoot.
I ended up hurting my ankle while wearing my Tengu geta. I blame the slippery tiles while waiting in the registration line. (-Д-|||)

Since I didnt feel like walking on those shoes with my ankle hurting until the photoshoot, I ended up just changing into my Makoto Kikuchi cosplay. I didnt get many pictures taken or hardly recognized but im still proud of my cosplay! Plus it was much comfier than Hatate!

On Saturday me and my boyfriend cosplayed Nageki and Shuu from Hatoful boyfriend and were surprised to see how popular it was. At least more than 10 people recognized us! (I counted)
We got a lot of pictures taken when I really didnt expect any!
(Whats pretty cool is the first person to recognize us was another cosplayer from the series! Anghel~ )

The last day I wore Yayoi in the same outfit for Makoto~
Id like to say Yayoi got a lot more attention but I think its because BRIGHT ORANGE WIG! haha
Me and my boyfriend got kinda bored after saying all our goodbyes to friends so we decided to do a little photoshoot! It was really fun! 

A few things I do kind of regret not doing at the con was not going to the game room.
Seeing all those Rhythm games makes me so bummed that I didnt check it out. (/--)/~┻┻
I also asked people where it was but no one knew!!
I think the problem was because the Cobo center was so far from the RenCen~

When we were in Cobo, thats where we would shop and be there as long as possible since it was 75 cents coming back and forth.
Anyways, I still had an amazing time and cant wait for the next conventions!

Here are some pics I ended up taking at the con~

Here is me eating a hamburger. I felt the Puri Cura was necessary!

~ ~ ~ ~

Last weekend me and my friend went to this amazing pet store in Atlanta called "Pet Land"
Its really a great place because you can pretty much play with and hold every single animal. 
Only animal you really need permission holding is the dogs
 (since they are in cages and are the most expensive. Plus dogs are kinda all over the place)

They had all kind of animals there, hamsters, tarantulas, lizards, snakes, fish, kittens, hamsters, 
and even a big tortoise name Pier who walks around the store freely~ 

I got to hold animals ive never held before but what I feel in love with were actually the Ferrets.
Beforehand, I kind of had a negative opinion about ferrets, but once I held one, everything changed!!!
There was one that I especially grew a liking to and I think it was vice-versa.
This ferret kept licking my chin and giving me little kisses, he also slept in my arms and crawled into my hood
(with a little assistance from my friends..)
Still, I am in love with this ferret and just ferrets in general! 
I asked the woman like a million questions and even asked my dad if we could get one in the future..
(HE ACTUALLY SAID HE'D "Consider" IT!!!)

The next event I will be attending is Atlanta Anime Day and I will be working maid cafe!
I have new upgrades for my maid outfit so please come see me, Goshujinsama! 

Here is also a cheesecake that I made for thanksgiving!
 Its my very first cheesecake ive made by scratch!
I really hope it tastes yummy and that everyone enjoys it! 

Thanks for reading!!!
I will try and update after my move!