Friday, October 26, 2012

Dolly Eye - Puffy 3 Tone Violet Circle Lens - from Uniqso

So I am going to try and do more contact lens reviews! I dont order circle lens very often but I always love doing reviews for them and I think I want to try and make a habit of it! *

So the newest circle lens I got are the Dolly Eye - Puffy 3 Tone Violet from the website I really liked the look and organization or uniqso's website. They also have so where you can sort by, color, brand, sale, and size. I really like that! 

The shipping was also good and stuck to the average time that lenses usually take to come. (around 3-4 weeks). 

Ive gotten the Blue 3 Tone puffy in the past and I loved them! I am also going to be cosplaying Makoto Kikuchi and since her eyes are kind of a greyish purple, I didnt want to get something too bright. I really love these lens for general use too!
They are also really comfy!

If you want to get your own
Here is a link:

Now for the fun part..the pictures!!

This is what came in the package that I got.
I really dont know why the cotton swab is there..
I just took it off and cleaned the case anyways
The box is so adorable, I had to take pictures of each part of it! 

And here is the bottom of the box with their cute logo~

After all the fun unboxing and opening those annoying bottles, here are the lenses

My eyes look kinda odd in these photos and I also forgot to take size comparison pics, sorry 

This is indoor lighting w/o flash

With flash 

Both contacts in w/o flash

Both contact in with flash

All in all, I really love these lens because the size is nice and they are super comfy. 
They aren't the most bright purpley contacts but they are still really nice! <3
Thanks for reading!


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