Friday, October 5, 2012

Back from Anime Weekend Atlanta

Hello Everyone! I am finally back and into the routine again after coming home from Awa. Things were a little hectic right before the con since I had a paper due and a quiz the same day I was leaving to the con. 

Luckily, I work well under pressure and got everything done in time! ヾ( ~▽~)ツ ♪

I had a really great time at the con!
I got to meet a voice actress for the very first time and it was definitely something to remember!

The voice of Sherlock Sheryl from Milky Holmes, Mimori Suzuko, was there! 
She was sooo super adorable and we sat right in the front row at her panel! I wasnt very good at asking questions but she kept looking at me and my friends! <3

Later on I got my very first autograph too! I made sure to bring one of my Milky Holmes posters and she ended up signing it! She seemed really impressed by the poster and was a really kind person! 

On Saturday was the Touhou photoshoot and the Touhou Panel. 
The photoshoot was amazing and I had a lot of fun with people! 
We all broke up into individual groups so we could socialize more~ I think a lot of people had fun and I got to make a bunch of new friends! I also got to pull out some of my old dance moves

(It had been a year since I did this dance so dont judge now)
*WARNING: If you watch this video, turn your speakers down!!!!!*

Later on was our Touhou Panel which honestly had a few problems due to staffing issues ( ̄~ ̄;)
Our room was downsized like crazy and our time was cut to an hour
(Thanks to the GAIA ONLINE PANEL for taking our room and time slot)
I was also really nervous with presenting my segment and that was very apparent (╥﹏╥)
But people told me I still did good and that it was still very interesting! (Thank you so much guys!!!)
I was very worried on taking up so much time about Yokai and not more Touhou
However, Panels are a learning experience so as long as people had fun, then I am truly happy!
There was also a Touhou Trivia panel but sadly, I lost track of time and missed it 
(I heard it was fun though so Yay!)

Here are some pictures of the photoshoot 

Also got to meet one of my favorite cosplayers, Ichigo Kitty and her friend Inabari! They are so sweet!

And since its Touhou, alot of Yuri and panty shots ensued!

We also had a Yukkuri Cake! It was so yummy~

Some of the aweosme idolm@ster cosplayers that I met! Kukuku~

Also, the Tengu Geta me and AKBear wore really got a lot of attention! So many people asked if they were hard to walk in or if they were killing our feet. To answer that: They are not hard to walk in, only to stand still in. And they only hurt since I was wearing them all day! I also plan to rewear Hatate at Youmacon! 

Also, I ended up not wearing Kira because I couldnt make the Photoshoot my friend was holding. It was a pretty early photoshoot and I ended up getting sick the night before. 

However, I did wear Yuka! And even though our Corpse Party group was small, we three still looked fabulous! We did a little mini photoshoot with my derpy photo skills and I will edit them later! 

The rest of the con was just spent hanging out with friends, going to the dealers room and just having a lot of fun. This was a con with little priorities so it was a very relaxing con for me to go to. 

And Finally, here is all the merch I got at the con! (yeah..I splurged a little this time..)

Next Con I will going to and updating about is Youmacon! See you then!

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    That is an amazing Hatate outfit! THE DETAILS ARE ADMIRABLE.

    And I'm glad that you understand that tengu geta aren't hard to walk in! Everyone gives you weird looks when you walk in them, but they're fun!