Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Seishuncon Plans

My summer is almost here! I think I can even smell it! I've been so caught up in summer school that it doesn't even feel like summer has come yet. Almost as if its on pause just for me~ Luckily, I only have one more day of class then my exams! Uaaaah! I cant wait~

Next week I am going down to Atlanta again to see my friends! Hopefully I will get to see a movie, go shopping, and even go to karaoke again! Ill try and get video and pictures again! 

I also have seishun con next weekend, even though its a small con, IM SO PUMPED! 
There is a really nice pool there so hopefully I can get some really cute swimsuit pictures there! 
I am also excited to see all my friends and I even heard there will be some idolmaster cosplayers there!
Sooo excited!

Here is my lineup!

Speaking of idolmaster, I have really gotten into the idolmaster Cinderella girls lately and really want to learn how to play the trading card game. I know it'll be hard work and will probably confuse me, but i really love some of the girls and would like to at least try my hardest at it! Id have to say my favorite so far is
 Anzu Futaba. (definitely going into my future cosplay list~ )

I will also be up in Michigan for the summer during July and a little bit of august. Not gonna brag, but ive got some pretty sweet plans that I hope to get some cool photos of!

Anyways, I will do my best to update after Seishun!
Hope to see you guys there! <3


  1. Oooh man, Suwako, Taiga, and idolm@ster cosplays? COUNT ME AS MOE-FIED.

  2. IM SO EXCITED! You should come along~ =u=
    I hope to have a idolmaster cosplay by youmacon tho! *u*