Monday, June 25, 2012

Back from Seishuncon 2012

So I went to Seishun Crapcon this weekend and actually had a blast. However, you are probably wondering why I addressed it as that (unless you went). I will get the negatives out of the way by addressing how awful the hotel staff was. I give kudos for poor Seishun staff having to put up with those hotel employees. If I could honestly think of a word for people who are prejudice against anime fans, I would use it.

The hotel staff could not stand us the entire convention. They would kick us out of the lobby if we loitered anyway near, however, I think that is a bit understandable. But Saturday night was the most extreme and rude I have ever seen hotel staff behave.

Like last year, they kicked us out of the lobby when staff needed to clean, so we all went outside under the awning. We were out there for maybe about 20 minutes until staff came out and told us to keep out voices down due to noise complaints. Got it! We will be quieter. So they come out again and say, that we need to leave; either go into the past registration or go in the smoking area. Now I must say, the area past registration really limits us to a hallway and the rave room. And the smoking area is right next to hotel rooms anyway.

So we decide to go back inside since we really dont want to have to deal with second hand smoke. Once we get to the small area we have left, we notice some of us dont have our badges. Seishun staff tried to understand but couldnt let some in. We then asked if we could stay in the small waiting areas next to the restroom, and they allowed it.

After a good hour or so we are then moved AGAIN because we are a "fire hazard" by a door that I dont even know where led to. This is essentially GETOUTcon.

On our way out however, we seen a guy just quietly sitting to himself watching Deadman Wonderland on toonami on a TV in the main lobby. One of the hotel staff goes to the TV and says "We cant have this on" and changes the channel to golf right in front of this guy. ....Are you kidding me? This guy was causing no harm and noone was even around the lobby, let alone anyone who wanted to watch golf. These became personal attacks and I really hope Seishun changes locations.

(I also heard someone got kicked out of the pool area for wearing pants by the pool side. Apparently people who aren't swimming, cant be at the pool? Or the pool has a certain dress code..idk)

I also think they need to switch locations because at this point, AAD is more worth going to than Seishun. AAD is 3 bucks and we are treated kindly and have a nicer dealers room. When I people pay 30 dollars at Seishun, they should not have to be treated like crap and get skimpy arrangements.

Over all though, I did not have a horrible time at Seishun. Aside from hotel staff, I had a blast and got to make many new friends. I also got to hangout with old friends and get to know others better. I really loved this weekend and cant wait to see everyone again for more fun. On Friday, me, AKBear, and another friend held the first AKB48 panel! It was really fun and actually went very well! I think the audience really enjoyed it and got a new closeness to AKB48.

A few hours later, I also hosted the Touhou Project panel. I thought it went pretty successful since we tried many new techniques that we might be using for the next AWA panel. I felt really bad because I was very tired during the panel since we worked 8 hours straight on it. But we got it finished and I think the Presentation looked very nice. It made me realize how bad I want to become an illustrator. <33333

Now on to the fun part:

On Friday, I mostly wore my generic AKB48 outfit and Suwako afterwards. I dont have many photos of those since I was so busy but me and AKBear did switch our Suwako and Cirno outfits to be silly. We might do stuff like this again since its fun~

On Saturday, I wore Taiga Aisaka in the sailor uniform in the last episode. Its honestly my favorite outfit on her and heck, who doesnt LOVE seifukus?! AKBear let me borrow her wig for the outfit and all I actually made was the white scarf and the small patch on the top. I got some really nice photos thanks to my friends!

(Some other Tora Dora cosplayers with me. I love them so much!)

(Me and Swittx Cosplay! Shes such a cutie)

Later Saturday we had a Touhou swimsuit photoshoot that turned out quite nicely. Everyone looked adorable and really pulled off their characters! This was actually one of the highlights of the con for me since all of my friends were together! We played keep away in the pool after the photoshoot and had a great time!

On Sunday, everything sort of died down and was spent doing last minute shopping and good byes. I wore my Erio Touwa cosplay so I could get some photos of it. However, I regret wearing it on Sunday since I hardly got any. Maybe next time~ Afterwards, me and a few friends went to a Japanese market and got some snacks. I finally found my favorite beloved snack that I have been searching for for over a year: GALBO! Its this sort of chocolate cookie stick and its sooooo good, but very expensive!

(Only picture of my Erio)

There are more photos on my Deviant Art page!

Here is some of the stuff I cam home with thanks to some friends! 

I really had a great week with my friends and had a lot of fun and crazy antics. This included Karaoke, dance games, and lots of shopping <3

Next im really looking forward to going up to Michigan and hanging out up there for the summer! I kinda hope I get a sukumizu tan! haha~

~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~

So I finally got caught up on AKB0048 and I really have to complain about Takamina the 5th.

***WARNING: Spoilers ahead!!! ***

Also, don't take this as a review or anything sincere because my opinion on the characters will probably change (AGAIN)
(This post probably wont make any sense unless you watch the series or this episode) BUT IM STILL GONNA NAG! Okay so I kind of cant stand Takamina the 5th right now. When she was all "Wah! Im all insecure! I dont desever the title of Takamina."  Kanata gets all excited to finally be even just close to Takamina with no intentions to replace her yet.  Then Takamina turns on her bitch-mode and is all "Take my clothes off you slut!!!" (not actual quote) That is so unbelievably rude and totally crushed Kanata's spirit. I also cant believe how Kanata was just cool with it afterwards and still looked up to the idol who was a complete bitch to her face. Trust me, I would've been pretty bitter. But then in the end, Takamina was still insecure and still doesnt believe she deserves that title.
Thats right, you don't. You got a girl all sad for nothing Takamina. Good job.

I still love Kanata because she is a freaking badass and Sonata because she is too moe~

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Seishuncon Plans

My summer is almost here! I think I can even smell it! I've been so caught up in summer school that it doesn't even feel like summer has come yet. Almost as if its on pause just for me~ Luckily, I only have one more day of class then my exams! Uaaaah! I cant wait~

Next week I am going down to Atlanta again to see my friends! Hopefully I will get to see a movie, go shopping, and even go to karaoke again! Ill try and get video and pictures again! 

I also have seishun con next weekend, even though its a small con, IM SO PUMPED! 
There is a really nice pool there so hopefully I can get some really cute swimsuit pictures there! 
I am also excited to see all my friends and I even heard there will be some idolmaster cosplayers there!
Sooo excited!

Here is my lineup!

Speaking of idolmaster, I have really gotten into the idolmaster Cinderella girls lately and really want to learn how to play the trading card game. I know it'll be hard work and will probably confuse me, but i really love some of the girls and would like to at least try my hardest at it! Id have to say my favorite so far is
 Anzu Futaba. (definitely going into my future cosplay list~ )

I will also be up in Michigan for the summer during July and a little bit of august. Not gonna brag, but ive got some pretty sweet plans that I hope to get some cool photos of!

Anyways, I will do my best to update after Seishun!
Hope to see you guys there! <3