Tuesday, April 10, 2012

AKB48 In Washington DC

I normally dont get to travel around or go on big road trips but this one was very amazing! The week before momocon, me and my friends found out Akb48 was going to do a show in Washington DC at the 100th year Cherry Blossom Fesstival! This may be the only oppertunity we get so we got the tickets!

It took us over 10 hours to drive there and we really didnt know what to expect. I was very excited most of the car ride and we listened to Akb almost the whole way up there. When we arrived at our friends relatives house, It finally sank in that we were in DC! THE CAPITOL OF THE COUNTRY!

The next day we went sight seeing and and had to take the subway to get around. It was quite a fun experience actually. They were a little more clean and safe than the ones ive been on in NYC.

Welcome to the Blue Line!!!

 You know your thug when you got "Moe"

(Yes, I like Hatoful Boyfriend)

First we went to see the Air and Space Museum !

It was really awesome but I got so many pictures, Ill upload them all somewhere else~
I really think my favorite part of the museum was the Universe section
However, when we went through the spectroscopy section, it felt like I was in my astronomy lab again!
(Nooo! I dont want to do school wrok!!! ><;; )

(Me and my friends!)

After the museum we decided we wanted to make out way to the Washington Monument 
and would stop at the cheery blossoms afterwards.

As for the Cherry blossoms.. It rained a few days before so all the petals were gone, leaving this ugly puke pink color..

We did find ONE that was blooming so we mad sure to get pictures by it! <333

So after a long day of sigh seeing, we headed home to get dinner and watch the Akb48 
documentary that Hayley Bear won in a contest! 

The next morning....
The day one of my dreams would could true..
Our dream...all of our dream would come true in several hours..

We woke up very early, got dressed up in out plain school girl outfits (homage to Akb) and
began working on or fan signs for the concert! This would be my second concert ever!

Hayley looks like shes REAAADY!!

 So when we got there there was already a pretty good line! 
We immediately jumped in and waited for about 2 and a half hours but it was so worth it!
I had no clue what to expect because ive never met or seen the Akb fanbase~
I was very surprised and very please! Everyone was soooo nice! 

There were also some pretty dedicated fans! 
I didnt even know photos of Takamina like this even existed!!!!

We also had pretty much the best spot in line because...WE COULD HEAR THEM PRACTICING INSIDE! We were by this door almost the whole time and got to hear a little pre-show~ <3

Me and Hayley also met the adorable girl who danced with us to Heavy Rotation
outside of the building when they were practicing!
(I hope I find out who she was)

She also brought hats for all the Akb members that came and we got to sign the 
inside of them! Here is Takaminas <33333

I finally got to attach the bow that I made for Takamina alsong with a small note!
I really hope she got it and love it <3

While we were in line, a man from a film crew noticed our outfits and really liked them!
He came back and actually filmed and interviewed us for a while!
It was so awesome!!!!

The concert was great but the fans really made most of my concert..they were so
kind and were being so generous by giving out free akb merchandise...I will never forget you guys <3

This is my favorite photo of us! I feel like we kinda look like Acchan and Takamina~

We couldnt get any pictures of the members during the concert but there is tons of video coverage!
I really had a great time and will never ever forget this trip! Thank you everyone
You seriously all made my dream come true