Saturday, March 31, 2012

Back From Momocon 2012!!

I am back from a lot going on so I cant finally write about it. However, I think I will seperate it into two plog posts.

So my spring break started the same weekend as Momocon 2012, isnt that FANTASTIC?!
Well, I sure think it is! Momocon seemed a little to large for my tastes this year, but it seemed like everyone else liked the change. Security was a bit tense and I found it kind of difficult to run into any of my friends. I also heard the rave was just a light show with bad music...hmm.

The majority of what we did on friday was to try and get there since our scheduel got a bit screwed up; But we eventually got to the clannad photoshoot (Which I blame all the lateness on me btw) It was fun but I had more fun eating afterwards (since I hadnt ate all day) and got to know some people pretty well! Thanks guys!

Saturday I felt pretty sick all morning, Im pretty sure it was nerves that were kicking in before our Touhou Pannel. The Pannel went okay and we were pretty prepared but there was a lot of disorganization at some times.   But it was still really fun and a lot of people seemed to like it. Which is all that matters!

Sunday, we woke up kinda late. I was supposed to do a cosplay with someone and get some awesome photos but she was leaving early and we had to pack. Im pretty bummed that I didnt get any pictures together but we will make something work <3

Anyways I got to reveal some of my newest cosplays there. Unfortunately I only got one set of a Photoshoot but hopefully, I can have more. Here are some photos to break up all the text!!

Me and my friend Lexi as Fuko! She was so adorable! (on the right, I am on the left)

I didnt get many photos in my Haku but here are a few party pics! (Also, I LOVE this cosplay)

Photos : WashuOtaku and Hitomi <3
Here are some pictures of us at the Panel and the Photoshoot. Hayley Bear was my Magical Patchouli~
She was so adorable! I really hope we make some more matching cosplay! <3

Photos: By my friends 

Photos: Patrick Sun

Photo: Tim Wall

We also went around and creeped in our Sheet Creepers, which are rising in Popularity! Here is the fan page! Please expect to see sheet creepers soon! 

I wore Tenshi Hinanawi from Touhou Project again (2nd time wearing it to Momocon)
And I actually got a photoshoot with my friend Robert! Hes really good! 

Ill upload the rest on another website soon! 
I had a really awesome time and cant wait till the next conventions!
Seishun con and Awa !

Also, the rest of my spring break I spent playing dance games with friends and just hanging out. I had to leave early so I could get home and pack for an upcoming concert! 
For that information, please read my newest blog entry! Thank you!!!