Sunday, February 19, 2012

Momocon 2012 Plans and V day

Alrighty everehbody!
Its a little calm in my life right now, so I feel like a post is finally appropriate~
After getting a psp for christmas (THANKYOUSOMUCHPAUL!)
I have fallen in love with Project Diva officially~
(Instead of having to a friend play it over their shoulder and fail miserable when I am offered a turn)
Haku and Neru are probably the best vocaloids with not enough love.
Following sudden urges to cosplay Haku, even when I have more cosplay priorities, I decided to make it anyway!

Fuuko Ibuki cosplay is about 99% finished. I only have to make that star
! Then im finished! Pretty excited to wear her too! ~
Theres going to be a lot of clannad cosplay! I really cant wait~
Also going to leave pictures of this as a surprise since i bought the uniform from bodyline anyway

And once my Haku cosplay is finished, my main in biggest priority for a whole month will be...

Magical Girl Sakuya Chan!!!

This is going to be a lot of work....
I have 2/3 of the orbs done and the skirt and apron finished!
I honestly feel this is the best ive ever done, construction wise, on a skirt!

Overall, here are my cosplay plans and my scheduel

As for Valentines day...
My boyfriend and I decided to hold off on getting each other anything 
until he comes to visit me next week soo...
I spent it with Yuyuko!!

Oh gosh im such a dork ><;
But it was really fun to make and design
And she loved her cake too :3c
I hope everyone else has a great Valentines Day as well ~