Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Back from Youma

Aaaaaah~ Finally back from Youmacon and I really really miss it!
I got to see all my friends for the most part and I actually got to wear all of the costumes I packed!
I really miss all of friends and it was also really great meeting and making new friends!
I really had a blast! Thank You all for making my Youmacon so spectacular and full of fun! 

It went by so fast; I really cant wait for next year!

On Friday I wore my secret cosplay Touwa Erip from Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko !
It was really really exciting and fun revealing this cosplay! Unfortunately I didnt get too many pictures in it and i think only one person (out side of friends) actually recognized who I was. 

On Saturday morning I wore my Lilith Aensland cosplay with my bestfriend!
I really loved her Morrigan and im very surprised with how well it came out, especially
since we had to make them over last summer and over the phone!

Sadly, the horns on my Lilith wings broke so i decided to change out of it. I was kinda bummed I didnt get to wear it longer or get a cool photoshoot in with Megan but hopefully we will get one this winter!

So after my Lilith was falling apart I decided to switch into Suwako Moriya from Touhou Project!
I also didnt get many pictures of Me in my Suwako but here are a few taken by some friends!

Sorry for the goofy facial expressions! Hopefully i can get some more pictures in my Suwako too!

I also got to meet Nyanners this weekend! It was pretty amazing because I find her so funny and cute! And I actually got to meet her!! I fan-girled so much, I felt like a complete dork! But she was just too moe! I could handel it! Thankyou again Nyanners for helping make my convention so special! 

And finally, I wore Evangeline on Sunday and met up with XingCai and her adorable friends! I had a really fun time eating and taking pictures with them! Thanks guys! Your cosplays were awesome! 

Thanks again guys! 

Also got to hangout in person with my Skype group and had the best of fun!
I went with them to the Touhou panel which was also fun,
 but I think the most fun was having them hang out in our room!
However, those pictures will probably be on facebook!

I didnt buy much stuff at Youmacon either actually
All I got was :
*Madoka Kaname Wig
*A-Channel Figure 
*Yayoi Takatsuki Wig
*Mincchino Plush (present from the bf)
*H- Doujin of Makoto from idol master

I also got a keychain from one of my favorite artists (of Erio Touwa and See- U)
 and a Momiji Inubashiri button from a friend
But i dont have pictures of there gifts~

Thankyou Everyone for helping me have such a great Youmacon!
I really couldn't have done it without you all! 
See you next year!!!