Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone! 


I hope everyone has an awesome Halloween tonight!
I didn't really begin feeling the Halloween spirit till today!
And unfortunately I saw very few people in costume at my college campus, oh well tho!
I promised myself today that i will always dress up for Halloween as long as im not at Youmacon
(Youmacon usually is during Halloween but this year its not)

I really wanted to be Kudo Noumi in her witch outfit but im so busy with other cosplay, I really didnt have time to make any special outfits. 

Here is what I wore anyway..

Here is a few pictures of the pumpkin that I made
(Very last minute! hour ago) 

Now as for youmacon..
Here are my cosplay planned for it! 
And yes one is a mystery~ <3

Ill post updates after Youma 
Have a Happy Halloween, stay safe, and all that other stuff!
I will be stuffing my face with candy for the next 4 days ~

See you guys soon at youma~

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