Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone! 


I hope everyone has an awesome Halloween tonight!
I didn't really begin feeling the Halloween spirit till today!
And unfortunately I saw very few people in costume at my college campus, oh well tho!
I promised myself today that i will always dress up for Halloween as long as im not at Youmacon
(Youmacon usually is during Halloween but this year its not)

I really wanted to be Kudo Noumi in her witch outfit but im so busy with other cosplay, I really didnt have time to make any special outfits. 

Here is what I wore anyway..

Here is a few pictures of the pumpkin that I made
(Very last minute! hour ago) 

Now as for youmacon..
Here are my cosplay planned for it! 
And yes one is a mystery~ <3

Ill post updates after Youma 
Have a Happy Halloween, stay safe, and all that other stuff!
I will be stuffing my face with candy for the next 4 days ~

See you guys soon at youma~

Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Moe Day!


Here is my contribution! 
Haha not the best but i had a lot to do today! ^u^;;
And I really wanted to contribute!!!
I will pay better attention next time! I promise!

(This is an @home Maid Cafe dress like the adorable maids (I idolize)
In Akihabara! I actually made this outfit a couple years ago! )

Aaaah! Awa is over, its now time to sink back into real life filled with homework, essays, and errands. 
I had such an amazing time with everyone at Awa! Thank you all so much for making me feel so loved and just having a blast with me! I have uploaded my album on my picasa and made it public so any of you can see it!
Sorry I didnt take as many pictures as I usually do since I was all over the place but..
I will try and fix that next time~

Some of my favorite things to do were going to photoshoots, like the madoka shoot!..

Hanging out with my friends and eating in the mall food court like always..
I just love mall food so much >//u//<

Some of the most fun i also had was dressing up as sheet creepers with my friends!
We acted so cooky and crazy! Which one was me??? Will you ever know?!?!

I will soon upload a photo of the merchandise I got from the dealers room !
I love it all so much! Thankyou again Hayley for the Dakimakura! I will need to pay you back somehow <3
And Shaun! Same to you! You both contributed so much to my much love! You have no idea!

Me and Yuyuko thank you both! <3

Here are a few photos of my in costumes that my awesome friend too 
(once again, and thankyou!!)

Kudo Photos:


Pedo Bear! Aaaah!!! ~

(AAAH! I love this series! And i love these people! )

Here are some of my Sanya cosplay!
I got alot my pictures this time then i did the first time!!
Thankyou everyone for the pictures! 

Thankyou again Hitomi for being Yoshika with me~

During the convention had a LIVE steaming of the convention!
It was really neat and alot of people had a lot of fun doing it! Reading all the comments 
was so awesome! Thankyou Japan! haha!
Here are some photos from the stream when me and a few of my friends went up..
(screen caps from my freind everfeather's computer)

 They wanted us to say "Onii chan~"
 Even Robert....

At one point i shouted "WAFU" 
and a million ” わふ ” s shot across! 
Hope you enjoy the pictures~

I really miss everyone but yet at the same time..
YOUMACON is right around the corner! 

I am so excited to see everyone there as well too!
Hey, its less than a month away! So scary!
I hope i can get everything done!