Monday, September 19, 2011

Summer In Michigan - I miss you

This post will be short, due to the fact that I have to work on a class project! But this was an update of what an awesome summer I had in Michigan. I know its already the begining of fall but I cant let my summer slide without recognition!

I had a blast seeing my family and friends! I didnt get a whole lot of time to work on cosplay but a small amount of progress was made. Im still neck deep in cosplays right now but hopefully after AWA things will calmn down a little. (Probably not)

I also went on a picnic with my boyfriend after making bento with him!
I am pretty proud of this one because i actually kind of got some eyes on the hot dog octopuses!

It was really delicious~

 There was baby ducks too!!!

My grandmother found out that I watch the new My Little Pony : Friendship is magic, so she ended up throwing me a very pinky-pie-inspired birthday party! It was so...MAGICAL!

I really had a great summer and I love everyone I got to spend it with! Thankyou again!
I will be posting again soon on AWA things and progress! But to my project!!!
Thankyou for reading! <3

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