Friday, September 23, 2011

AWA - 7 days?!?!

Alright...Its a week away so I should probably make a post about it now...
I am so excited...yet NERVOUS! I havent finished my cosplays yet!
This weekend will definately be crunch time! ><

Id love to post my scheduel of my cosplays and such but its still a bit messy~
(The order of the cosplays with what day is still not confirmed) 

This weekend I will be finishing the button for kudo, making the shall,
 buying some socks, and making the pink bow that goes in front of the collar!

For Kyouko, its still a maybe situation (I may be loaning the wig to a friend)
And as for Sanya, I am putting the trim around the corset and tails, re-painting
my gun, and have to find the little bag that goes around her waist.

Ill probably be spending my weekend shopping, hanging with friends, and going to the rave!
Anyways, I hope you guys find me! Say hello, take a picture, whatever!
Hope you guys have an awesome time!
Ill see you at Anime Weekend Atlanta!

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