Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cupcakes and Updates

So I haven't had much time to update since I have been so busy in Michigan. Ive been spending time with friends, family, watching/playing way too much pokemon, and even had a little time for some sewing! (i need to work harder >A< ) 
The 12 hour trip from South Carolina to Michigan was a pretty long one. But I had a lot of fun ! Me and my boyfriend drove the whole way and even hit a pretty nasty storm! 

So many rotating clouds! ( So scary! D: )

I came home to find that my dad got me an adorable cupcake recipe book! I wanted to try some as soon as possible! So I ended up making some very yummy Apple Sauce cupcakes! (the were also very good with and without frosting :9 ) 
Here are some photos!

* If you'd like the recipe, send me a message!
I also made some chocolate whoopee pies but didn't get any photos of them really :c

For the 4th of July, I went up north with my boyfriend and his family to the Upper Peninsula!
I've never been there and it was so fun and exciting! Another 12 hour drive too ~
(even tho were STILL in Michigan the whole way)

Unfortunately there are way too many photos to upload straight on here,
so I will attach a link to my picasa album later~

One our way back from the UP, we found this! 

( I insisted that we go look! ) 
There were so many sculptures, I will have to post a link.
But we were also in a hurry and I didn't want to rush through the whole park.
So I covered my eyes and we all agreed we would go look more next time~

Also, for having my hair super long and at my waist for so many years, I decided to get it cut! 
Shoulder length~ I will post pictures soon <3

I will do better to update more so that I don't have to over spam just one blog entry~
Thank you for reading !