Thursday, June 9, 2011

Chopin and his Beloved Children

So I was asked by a friend to explain this story for you all. I am taking a music appreciation class at my college right now and yesterday me and a few others had to present our Romantic Composer Reports. Well one of the students had his report on Chopin and unfortunately we didn't get to pick the composers ourselves. Well this student begins pronouncing Chopin's name wrong...the entire presentation. He follows up by trying to pronounce the city he was born in rather than just saying near Warsaw.

(Now luckily, our teacher we could use Wikipedia. Yes wiki has false info but
there are always references, no one can just make stuff up and get away with it)

He continues to mispronounce things (which she was strict about) and he even admits that he had  different results for things such as his fathers name, and decided to just "go with one". He starts admitting his unsureness of his sources! That's like going to a job interview and saying , "So here's all the things I can't do.." He also claims that he never saw in any sources that Chopin's wife's name , George Sand, was only her pen name. Even though its right there on wiki. Also one of the BIGGEST kickers was when he said "Chopin had 14 kids in all. 6 were girls and 8 were boys. 8 of his kids were adopted and 1 was found in a dumpster near by their house which they took in."

Chopin had a dumpster baby?

Our teacher said "that's not right! Chopin had no children, his wife had a few but they were older. I think that's something someone made up. Yeah that isn't true"

Alright fine, maybe we are just being picky! Well, the report continues as he miss reads everything, including in-class terms. He shows a list of all the works Chopin has done and says "Yeah, well in the end Chopin didn't really do much"


Our instructor did her best not to take it personally but she said "OH COME ON! You are doing my favorite composer and you say he did nothing?!" Well he says, "Well he didn't write over 600 Lied like Schubert".
UGH! I felt so bad for him but he obviously did not do his research. SO I proceeded to look up the actual information and see how he didn't get the right information.

I looked around wiki and it blatantly says the pen name thing about George Sand, along with actual information of his wife's children. See? It doesn't hurt to read :D
So I am still wondering...WHERE DID HE GET THE DUMPSTER THING?
So I search google for "Chopin dumpster" and guess what I find? ANSWERS.COM


Just an interesting story.

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  1. I don't want to be mean but I laughed my face off when I read this. Wow....