Friday, May 13, 2011

Almost Ready For Acen

Acen is pretty much a week away! EEE! I am very excited! This will be my first year ever going to Acen and I am very excited! Some of my favorite sellers will be in the dealers room and i cant wait to buy their products! For the rest of this weekend I am going to need to finish up Remilia, yet, I really want to go to the artist fair downtown! oooh decisions~ Anyway, here is my line up of costumes that I am bringing with me to Acen!

I am very excited to see my friends and meet new fans of Touhou and Madoka! I also get to see my boyfriend that I havent gotten to see in forever! Only 5 more days left! I will post pictures and updates after the convention!

On another note, I have a mouse in my room! (it may even be a rat though) Its in my closet and im afraid, yet I want to make friends with it. Today we are going to get a safe trap so we can catch it without harming it. The little thing kept me awake ALL last night. I just hope he doesnt chew on my cosplays in the mean time.(; ̄へ ̄)
Wish me luck!

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