Saturday, December 3, 2011

Atlanta Fun

So last week a lot has happend! Enough that I feel there should be a post made about it all!
Last weekend for thanksgiving break I decided to go visit my friend Hayley Bear!
Shes great friend and a adorable cosplayer~

I went to her house and we had a great time! We did alot of dancing of a song that were practicing right now : Twinckle Twinckle by Danceroid. Here is the actual video of the dance
(We are still practicing ours since its a little rough right now ><; )

On frieday night we went out with a few friends to a Japanese Karaoke bar.
IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! Ive never been to an authentic one; or even one at all!

We didnt order any food or special drinks because it was a bit pricey but we still got free waters!
Me and Hayleybear started the night by singing Aitakatta! (by AKB48) REALLY loud and hyper~
It was so much fun. The rest of use sang some funny songs together, but I mostly sang songs by Berryz Koubu since I knew them so well. I also got to do a duet of the song Lion with Haybear. Hopefully there will be videos up soon! 

Probably singing Berryz Koubu here~ 

Then on Saturday we went to AAD (Atlanta Anime Day) and had a blast! 
Its a  really small convention that is only for one day but I was offered to work at the maid cafe...SO I DID! <3
I have always wanted to work at a maid cafe but have been too shy to sign up or ask. I brought my brown @Home Maid Cafe outfit but I ended up leaving the apron behind at home! \(*´Д`)/
HayBear was sweet enough to let me wear one of hers! (Thank you again!) And I think it actually looked better because it matched all the other maids outfits more. When we got there things were a little hectic and I had to memorize a lot of things to do since I was new at this. I even ended up messing up my first tables orders! ><; But my "Goshujin Sama" forgave me~ I really had the best time working the cafe! Everything felt so natural and I loved being like a waitress and an entertainer for the tables. I also won my first table pocky from the Janken Pyon Tournament and was the first one to perform a dance for the whole cafe. I was shaking with nerves, but I think I did alright! 

I really want to do it all again! I loved my tables and I really miss it ! Maybe ill start applying for more! 

Thank You everyone at the Maid Cafe! I had a great time and I will never forget it!

Finally, I got my Clannad uniform from Body Line in the mail! My friend ended up purchasing it for me in the mean time and I just picked it up! It is such great quality and looks very nice! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to cosplay from Clannad! I also ordered a black winter seifuku from Body Line and that came in a few days after! I love them both so much... I cant stop staring at them!~

On another note, I have always been a big fan of AKB48 but lately ive been trying to get deeper into the fandom. Trying to know more personal things about the members and just finding more things that AKB does like dramas, other sub groups, and being on talk shows.
 I have really been in love with Minami Takahashi ~

I know shes very popular and is captain of the A team but I really admire her silliness and her personality.
She really comes off as a great person and I admire that a lot. 
I know this sounds silly but I really want to grow out my hair now and try wearing it like that.
I already have a lot of bows so I think it would be really fun. ~
Also reminds me a little of Takane from Love Plus!

I was also spending a lot of yesterday watching videos of the other idols. 
I came across a, what I found hilarious, series of AKB videos where each member has a moment
where they confess their feelings to you. Each girl has a reaction for if you say "No" and if you say "Yes"
This was one that was so unbearable!
so moe.

Alot of cosplay has been on my mind but I think I will just save that for another post!
Thank You so much for reading!
Maybe with your help, I can one day AIDORU! (≧ロ≦)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Back from Youma

Aaaaaah~ Finally back from Youmacon and I really really miss it!
I got to see all my friends for the most part and I actually got to wear all of the costumes I packed!
I really miss all of friends and it was also really great meeting and making new friends!
I really had a blast! Thank You all for making my Youmacon so spectacular and full of fun! 

It went by so fast; I really cant wait for next year!

On Friday I wore my secret cosplay Touwa Erip from Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko !
It was really really exciting and fun revealing this cosplay! Unfortunately I didnt get too many pictures in it and i think only one person (out side of friends) actually recognized who I was. 

On Saturday morning I wore my Lilith Aensland cosplay with my bestfriend!
I really loved her Morrigan and im very surprised with how well it came out, especially
since we had to make them over last summer and over the phone!

Sadly, the horns on my Lilith wings broke so i decided to change out of it. I was kinda bummed I didnt get to wear it longer or get a cool photoshoot in with Megan but hopefully we will get one this winter!

So after my Lilith was falling apart I decided to switch into Suwako Moriya from Touhou Project!
I also didnt get many pictures of Me in my Suwako but here are a few taken by some friends!

Sorry for the goofy facial expressions! Hopefully i can get some more pictures in my Suwako too!

I also got to meet Nyanners this weekend! It was pretty amazing because I find her so funny and cute! And I actually got to meet her!! I fan-girled so much, I felt like a complete dork! But she was just too moe! I could handel it! Thankyou again Nyanners for helping make my convention so special! 

And finally, I wore Evangeline on Sunday and met up with XingCai and her adorable friends! I had a really fun time eating and taking pictures with them! Thanks guys! Your cosplays were awesome! 

Thanks again guys! 

Also got to hangout in person with my Skype group and had the best of fun!
I went with them to the Touhou panel which was also fun,
 but I think the most fun was having them hang out in our room!
However, those pictures will probably be on facebook!

I didnt buy much stuff at Youmacon either actually
All I got was :
*Madoka Kaname Wig
*A-Channel Figure 
*Yayoi Takatsuki Wig
*Mincchino Plush (present from the bf)
*H- Doujin of Makoto from idol master

I also got a keychain from one of my favorite artists (of Erio Touwa and See- U)
 and a Momiji Inubashiri button from a friend
But i dont have pictures of there gifts~

Thankyou Everyone for helping me have such a great Youmacon!
I really couldn't have done it without you all! 
See you next year!!!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone! 


I hope everyone has an awesome Halloween tonight!
I didn't really begin feeling the Halloween spirit till today!
And unfortunately I saw very few people in costume at my college campus, oh well tho!
I promised myself today that i will always dress up for Halloween as long as im not at Youmacon
(Youmacon usually is during Halloween but this year its not)

I really wanted to be Kudo Noumi in her witch outfit but im so busy with other cosplay, I really didnt have time to make any special outfits. 

Here is what I wore anyway..

Here is a few pictures of the pumpkin that I made
(Very last minute! hour ago) 

Now as for youmacon..
Here are my cosplay planned for it! 
And yes one is a mystery~ <3

Ill post updates after Youma 
Have a Happy Halloween, stay safe, and all that other stuff!
I will be stuffing my face with candy for the next 4 days ~

See you guys soon at youma~

Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Moe Day!


Here is my contribution! 
Haha not the best but i had a lot to do today! ^u^;;
And I really wanted to contribute!!!
I will pay better attention next time! I promise!

(This is an @home Maid Cafe dress like the adorable maids (I idolize)
In Akihabara! I actually made this outfit a couple years ago! )

Aaaah! Awa is over, its now time to sink back into real life filled with homework, essays, and errands. 
I had such an amazing time with everyone at Awa! Thank you all so much for making me feel so loved and just having a blast with me! I have uploaded my album on my picasa and made it public so any of you can see it!
Sorry I didnt take as many pictures as I usually do since I was all over the place but..
I will try and fix that next time~

Some of my favorite things to do were going to photoshoots, like the madoka shoot!..

Hanging out with my friends and eating in the mall food court like always..
I just love mall food so much >//u//<

Some of the most fun i also had was dressing up as sheet creepers with my friends!
We acted so cooky and crazy! Which one was me??? Will you ever know?!?!

I will soon upload a photo of the merchandise I got from the dealers room !
I love it all so much! Thankyou again Hayley for the Dakimakura! I will need to pay you back somehow <3
And Shaun! Same to you! You both contributed so much to my much love! You have no idea!

Me and Yuyuko thank you both! <3

Here are a few photos of my in costumes that my awesome friend too 
(once again, and thankyou!!)

Kudo Photos:


Pedo Bear! Aaaah!!! ~

(AAAH! I love this series! And i love these people! )

Here are some of my Sanya cosplay!
I got alot my pictures this time then i did the first time!!
Thankyou everyone for the pictures! 

Thankyou again Hitomi for being Yoshika with me~

During the convention had a LIVE steaming of the convention!
It was really neat and alot of people had a lot of fun doing it! Reading all the comments 
was so awesome! Thankyou Japan! haha!
Here are some photos from the stream when me and a few of my friends went up..
(screen caps from my freind everfeather's computer)

 They wanted us to say "Onii chan~"
 Even Robert....

At one point i shouted "WAFU" 
and a million ” わふ ” s shot across! 
Hope you enjoy the pictures~

I really miss everyone but yet at the same time..
YOUMACON is right around the corner! 

I am so excited to see everyone there as well too!
Hey, its less than a month away! So scary!
I hope i can get everything done! 

Friday, September 23, 2011

AWA - 7 days?!?!

Alright...Its a week away so I should probably make a post about it now...
I am so excited...yet NERVOUS! I havent finished my cosplays yet!
This weekend will definately be crunch time! ><

Id love to post my scheduel of my cosplays and such but its still a bit messy~
(The order of the cosplays with what day is still not confirmed) 

This weekend I will be finishing the button for kudo, making the shall,
 buying some socks, and making the pink bow that goes in front of the collar!

For Kyouko, its still a maybe situation (I may be loaning the wig to a friend)
And as for Sanya, I am putting the trim around the corset and tails, re-painting
my gun, and have to find the little bag that goes around her waist.

Ill probably be spending my weekend shopping, hanging with friends, and going to the rave!
Anyways, I hope you guys find me! Say hello, take a picture, whatever!
Hope you guys have an awesome time!
Ill see you at Anime Weekend Atlanta!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Summer In Michigan - I miss you

This post will be short, due to the fact that I have to work on a class project! But this was an update of what an awesome summer I had in Michigan. I know its already the begining of fall but I cant let my summer slide without recognition!

I had a blast seeing my family and friends! I didnt get a whole lot of time to work on cosplay but a small amount of progress was made. Im still neck deep in cosplays right now but hopefully after AWA things will calmn down a little. (Probably not)

I also went on a picnic with my boyfriend after making bento with him!
I am pretty proud of this one because i actually kind of got some eyes on the hot dog octopuses!

It was really delicious~

 There was baby ducks too!!!

My grandmother found out that I watch the new My Little Pony : Friendship is magic, so she ended up throwing me a very pinky-pie-inspired birthday party! It was so...MAGICAL!

I really had a great summer and I love everyone I got to spend it with! Thankyou again!
I will be posting again soon on AWA things and progress! But to my project!!!
Thankyou for reading! <3