Tuesday, April 2, 2013

ShutoCon Is This Weekend!!!!

Its about that time again! Updates for another con~ woo!
Next weekend is Shutocon in Lansing Michigan and will be my first time going.
I really look forward to attending this con because its a much smaller con but I want to help it become better/bigger any way I can by participating. I want it to become Michigans' Momocon; in a sense.

I didn't PLAN on making any difficult cosplays for this..but then I kind of did...
I said I was going to cosplay Rainy Devil from Bakemonogatari because I felt it would be easy and comfy enough to wear at a smaller convention.

However, the shoes have taken me 4 days of work. (Not consistent since I work most of the say) But I am now finished with the shoes. The paw took me maybe a whole evening to make (excluding painting) and the rest is all bought. Tomorrow I will be working on the light-up eyes for the mask. 

Here are some progress photos~

(also the wig was just for fun but I may use it for normal Kanbaru later)
 I may actually get a new Kanbaru wig because this one was pretty cheap and messed up.
When i got it, there was a huge chunk of weft falling out but I sewed it back in.

Its all good now!!

I didnt get a picture of my shoes before they were painted but they were originally black and silver. I painted them and covered parts in foamies. I really like them but hope they dont fall apart during the con

(midway progress)

(all finished!)

I look forward to seeing all my friends at the con as well.
I hope I have time to do some shoots for my other cosplays too!
Here is my schedule!

I hope everyone had a good Easter as well. I have so much candy; im pretty sure it'll last me till Halloween haha. I got to decorate cookies with my Grandma and Aunt. I thought mine were pretty freakin kawaii 


I also got my photos back from my Kobato shoot back in October~
Most of them are on my Deviantart so please check them out!

I would also like to say shout outs to my friend Kora back at home! She sent me a pretty awesome Super Sonico care package which I almost cried over. My Super Sonico collection has become very dear to me since my friends contribute so much! Thank you so much everyone, really. I cant thank you enough <333

Thank you all for reading! Hope to see some of you at SHOTACON!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Back from Katsu, Ready for Shuto!

So I really haven't updated in a really long time..I mean, Katsucon was a month ago so Im very very sorry!
I just recently got a job at a local billing office and its been pretty great!
(Got my second paycheck today! woo! )

I had such an amazing time at Katsucon and it is definitely worth going back to. My Idolm@ster Shiny Festa cosplay took most priority so my other cosplay wasn't super fancy but I still has a great time and got a lot of photos from the con!

On Friday, me and my beautiful im@s babies went out and shoot some photos together. This is the biggest group ive ever been a part of. All the hard work really paid off in the end and we all had an amazing time. It was so great getting to know all the girls and unity is just a beautiful thing in my opinion (Im always bawling at unity in idol concerts ;//u//; ) 

Anyways!!! We didn't have as much time to practice together for the dances even though I felt pretty ready personally. Its very different when you are practicing alone and practicing around other people. Im usually used to dancing with only one or two other people. Later on that night, me and a few of the other girls got together and played Shiny Festa. I really loved it and wish i preordered it because GUUUUH I LOVE RHYTHM GAMES!!!!

I think with any mistakes we made in this group (for example, lack of more photoshoots, pose practice together (Its hard to organize quick poses with 12 girls @@; ), and extra time for dance practice) We will definitely improve for next year! I loved all our ladies and cant wait to see more outfits from us together and any other im@s cosplay in general (Series definitely needs more love)

ee! ee! Oooh!!

Speaking of more love, Cinderella Girls really needs more. I promise you no one knew I was cosplaying Anzu Futaba on Saturday. But im okay with that! (Im used to not getting recognized in my cosplays but I still love being those characters so much so its cool!) I felt pretty NEET mode the whole time. (Almost fell asleep in the hotel room before the shoot) The shoot with MinhP was pretty simple too (not really) "Look Tired" with out looking dead is a little hard to do. MinhP also later got into his Kirari cosplay and we became a badass Idol duo! But I really looooove my pictures and cant wait to do more Anzu outfits! (Loving that "Graduation outfit" lololol)

On Saturday night, I changed into my Haku Yowane cosplay since this cosplay has hardly gotten any air. I made it for Momocon last year but only wore it in the evening. (I see a trend..)
I just goofed around in it for fun and took some photos with a friend that I later edited a little~

Overall again, Katsu was amazing and im going again next year with bigger and better cosplays! YOSH!!!


As for my next convention, I think I am spur-of-the-moment attending Shutocon! Ive always wanted to go to Shuto since its kinda tiny and I want them to have my money and a large attendance so that they can grow and get better. Youmacon is kind of the only big con in Michigan (JFax doesn't count. JFax is a joke) and I really want Shutocon to become the next Momocon!

I was working on a mock-up of Makoto Kikuchis Floral but I put that aside for now since I wouldn't have it done in time for Shuto. Besides, I really wanted to do a few of my more simple cosplays for Shuto just to test the waters. Right now im working on Kanbaru (Rainy Devil ver.) probably for Friday night. Then I will probably re-wear my Makoto Shiny Festa outfit and also bring out my Rough School Time cosplay too!

I really hope I can get it all done nicely before Shuto since I am so busy with work in the week! I already ordered my wig and money paw (which I will alter a lot)

Anyways, Thank you for reading and I cant wait to see any of you at Shota ShutoCon!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Its been awhile!

Hello! Hello! Hello!Sure has been awhile! I was really busy recently with moving back up to Michigan. It took a couple weeks to get all settled and such. (Half of my stuff is still packed away 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。 ) BUT WITHIN TIME!
I've also been SUPER busy with preparing a cosplay for Katsucon 2013. I've never been before but im sure it'll be really fun and so great for photoshoots!!I am a part of a large idolm@ster group and we actually have all 13 members!We are doing the outfits from the newest game "Shiny Festa"

(Speaking of idolm@ster, I recently played it on the ps3 and it was super fun! 
I hardly know what im doing but that kind of makes it more fun! My group consists
of Makoto, Miki, and Chihaya. Our group name is "SexSW@G". Dealwithit. )

Here is my Makoto wig, styled and finished!

I am really excited and we've all been working really hard together! 
In the mean time, I will probably pull out a lazy cosplay for some of the other days..

like Anzu Futaba..

and maybe rewear one of my Touhou outfits. Who knows~ (Any suggestions???)
Im kind of just going for nice presentable cosplays but with a little flair (since it is Katsu)

~ ~ ~

My new years was also really nice! Me and my boyfriend went to a friends party and had an awesome time!
Since I recently moved, Ive also been trying to dress more "girly".
I dont know why, I think its because I am trying to look presentable for jobs.

Here is what I wore on New Years!! 

Not too much has been going on except being so busy. So im afraid this will be a short post (ー.ー゛)
Please forgive me. Hopefully I will have more interesting things to post about later~
Thanks for reading! <3 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Back From Youmacon

Sorry this entry is so many weeks after Youmacon~
Ive been pretty busy as of late but I finally have sometime to make a post!

I had a blast at Youmacon this year and actually got to see almost all of my friends
There was a whole thing about having to wear wristbands in order to use the elevator (and only 4 per room which is the usual room cap). It was a little stressful at first but we were able to manage with a few secrets~

Even though the wristbands were a big surprise, I still had lots of fun!
On friday I wore Hatate but I didnt get that many photos taken or even make it to the photoshoot.
I ended up hurting my ankle while wearing my Tengu geta. I blame the slippery tiles while waiting in the registration line. (-Д-|||)

Since I didnt feel like walking on those shoes with my ankle hurting until the photoshoot, I ended up just changing into my Makoto Kikuchi cosplay. I didnt get many pictures taken or hardly recognized but im still proud of my cosplay! Plus it was much comfier than Hatate!

On Saturday me and my boyfriend cosplayed Nageki and Shuu from Hatoful boyfriend and were surprised to see how popular it was. At least more than 10 people recognized us! (I counted)
We got a lot of pictures taken when I really didnt expect any!
(Whats pretty cool is the first person to recognize us was another cosplayer from the series! Anghel~ )

The last day I wore Yayoi in the same outfit for Makoto~
Id like to say Yayoi got a lot more attention but I think its because BRIGHT ORANGE WIG! haha
Me and my boyfriend got kinda bored after saying all our goodbyes to friends so we decided to do a little photoshoot! It was really fun! 

A few things I do kind of regret not doing at the con was not going to the game room.
Seeing all those Rhythm games makes me so bummed that I didnt check it out. (/--)/~┻┻
I also asked people where it was but no one knew!!
I think the problem was because the Cobo center was so far from the RenCen~

When we were in Cobo, thats where we would shop and be there as long as possible since it was 75 cents coming back and forth.
Anyways, I still had an amazing time and cant wait for the next conventions!

Here are some pics I ended up taking at the con~

Here is me eating a hamburger. I felt the Puri Cura was necessary!

~ ~ ~ ~

Last weekend me and my friend went to this amazing pet store in Atlanta called "Pet Land"
Its really a great place because you can pretty much play with and hold every single animal. 
Only animal you really need permission holding is the dogs
 (since they are in cages and are the most expensive. Plus dogs are kinda all over the place)

They had all kind of animals there, hamsters, tarantulas, lizards, snakes, fish, kittens, hamsters, 
and even a big tortoise name Pier who walks around the store freely~ 

I got to hold animals ive never held before but what I feel in love with were actually the Ferrets.
Beforehand, I kind of had a negative opinion about ferrets, but once I held one, everything changed!!!
There was one that I especially grew a liking to and I think it was vice-versa.
This ferret kept licking my chin and giving me little kisses, he also slept in my arms and crawled into my hood
(with a little assistance from my friends..)
Still, I am in love with this ferret and just ferrets in general! 
I asked the woman like a million questions and even asked my dad if we could get one in the future..
(HE ACTUALLY SAID HE'D "Consider" IT!!!)

The next event I will be attending is Atlanta Anime Day and I will be working maid cafe!
I have new upgrades for my maid outfit so please come see me, Goshujinsama! 

Here is also a cheesecake that I made for thanksgiving!
 Its my very first cheesecake ive made by scratch!
I really hope it tastes yummy and that everyone enjoys it! 

Thanks for reading!!!
I will try and update after my move!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! 

I cant make this post very long but I usually try and update my blog right before a con!
I never really have a reason to dress up for Halloween or celebrate it since it always hangs so close to Youmacon! Maybe next year I can make it to some local parties or something!

Even though, im not going going out or anything today, and dont expect to get any trick-or-treaters, I decided to dress up just for fun! What are you going to wear for Halloween?! 

Speaking of spooky things related I recently played Yume Nikki. And I must say..this game is COMPLETELY FREAKIN AWESOME! Aaaaahhh! Or should I say "ああああああああああああ!!!"

In my opinion its a pretty well known game since its so old, but I feel like some people know it for the wrong reasons. Mostly for the "Vomit-chan" picture that's used a lot online. Well if you don't know the game, its a sort of puzzle game where you have to find items called "effects". You are a mysterious girl named Madotsuki who enters a bizarre dream world once she falls asleep. What makes this game fun is that there is no dialog and almost every door takes you into tons of different levels. (some I still need to find again) The game has a lot of cool and creepy easter eggs in it too and if fun just to play around. However, I HIGHLY suggest not getting too lost since most of the levels loop and some even go on for infinity.The game isn't very scary (excluding one incident) but more psychological. You often find your self wondering why, Madotsuki has dreams like this or what her life is like for her to dream like this. There are tons of theories out there and some make me roll my eyes but some others are actually pretty interesting theories. Now im not a big person who makes these elaborate theories but here is mine:

( I am going to try and explain this without any spoilers. My idea of Madotsuki is that her life is pretty miserable (for whatever reason, but id like to think a bad home life and lots of stress) and her dreams start becoming these crazy elaborate places she has never seen to escape from her reality. I feel that for the (surprising) ending she starts getting confused on what is reality and what isn't  Kind of like the episode of the Twilight Zone about a man who has a hard life and every time he falls asleep on the train, he is dreaming about getting off a mysterious stop called "Willoughby" At the end of the episode he starts to become confused by what is real and when he is dreaming. Its a really good episode. Go watch it. )

I have to say one of the most hard hitting scenes was definitely Uboa. I wont spoil too much but lets just say its a 1 in 64 chance that you will activate him. You do this by flicking the light switch in Poniko's adorable room. Now I tried this a few times but gave up because I didn't have the patience. After I beat the game though, I went back to little Poniko's room and attacked the light switch! I counted how many times I went in and out of that room to turn the light switch off. Over and over. It took 23 tries than BAM!!!! Scariest thing ive seen in a long while. I was so focused on counting that my guard was down and I was terrified. My hear got all warm and jumped out of my chest!!! I had no clue what to do! So if you want to play this game, don't loose patience; its worth it!

This game is awesome and I will probably pick it back up a lot in the future. 
(P.S. You might see a Yume Nikki cosplay from me eventually~ )


Speaking of cosplay, I have been very very busy with preparations for youmacon. I didnt even really give myself a difficult costume. I gave myself something easy and simple that could be done in about less than a month. But Its a day before I leave and I am still trying to finish up! AAAH! 

I am very excited!

I must admit, I am a bit peeved with Youmacon this year due to all the scheduel changing. Currently, the idolmaster panel that I wanted to go to is at the same time as the Touhou photoshoot! I am sooo torn! (But I already promised I would help out at the photoshoot)

Maybe they will change the scheduel one more time just for me! <3

Here is my cosplay scheduel for the moment but it is subject to change (JUST LIKE ALL OF YOUMA!)

Cant wait to see you guys there and thanks for reading!!